Monday, September 26, 2016

TBB: Bourbon Pecan Balls

I made these at the same time I made Double Chocolate Oriolos earlier in May 2015. These are super easy to put together. If you are using store bought wafers, even easier!  I love the addition of Bourbon here. I'm not a drinker but I like addition of some alcohol in my baked goods. It gives that extra flavor. 

These are the Double Chocolate Oriolos cookies I baked earlier. 
They are so good on their own! I was actually pretty sad to have to blitz them all in the food processor.

Getting ready my Bourbon! :)  

Blitz the Oriolos.... and transfer it out to another bowl.

Blitz the pecan nuts, cocoa powder & icing sugar. 

Mix the cookie crumbs and pecan cocoa mixture together and stir with wooden spoon!

This is hard..took forever!! I got impatient and put the mixture into mixing bowl and mix with a paddle instead! 

Bourbon all mixed in and rest for a while. 

Roll them into balls..i used a tiny cookie scoop..probably 10g each instead of 20g and coat with sugar. 

Coating with sugar..again for 2 time before placing onto a container lined with kitchen paper towel (with packet of silica gel underneath)

All done and ready to rest in fridge overnight. :) 

These are so good that you can't stop the subtle bourbon flavor the end notes. :)  
One container went to my daughter's office and everyone loved it. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

TBB: Cream Cheese Butter Cake (p15)

Rose's Butter Cake is the Best!  Perfect and always a Winner. 
So this Cream Cheese Butter Cake is no exception and is too a Winner. So velvety, delicate and moist crumbs.  Just typing this is making me crave for a slice!

I like how creamy the batter looks. Looks delicious here already! 

I added some lime zest.  You can see the green specks. 

After baked.

Making of the curd. I made Lime Curd instead of Lemon.
And I microwaved it instead of cooking it. :p

I cut out 3/4 portion to share it away :D  

Monday, July 11, 2016

TBB: Perfect Savory Cream Puffs (p304)

I made the Deluxe version of the choux pastry using bread flour and more egg whites.  I like how fluffy they turned out to be.  

I filled these with different flavor ice cream.. esp. in the hot weather, ice-cream is the best dessert isn't it? :D  Mango, Green Tea with Red Bean, Rum & Raisin flavors..  After the wedding dessert table thingy I did last weekend or was it 2 weekends ago? freezer for once was empty and thus I filled it with lots of ice-cream.. hee hee.. 

But since this is Savory cream puffs..I have to attempt to make the liver pate..faux gras.. 

Making of chicken liver faux gras. 
Chicken liver is very cheap here..I got whole lot of liver for only $1 which included 3 hearts that I threw away. 

Saute the onions with butter... then add cream and seasoning and more butter

Add liver and blend... turn into a not very pleasant color.
After I strained into a corning ware and steam bake it for 30 mins. 

Making of Choux Pastry.
I used hand to mix in and made double recipe since one batch of recipe seems too little. 
You need a good arm strength for this... 

Pipe onto floured baking tray.. 

All baked! :D  

So here's the liver faux gras after chilling in the fridge till next day.  I couldn't stand the smell of it after it was baked. During baking, it smells good. But not after. I wonder why?

The color turned even uglier when exposed to air. Seems like it oxidises. I learnt something new!  
When I dig into the pate underneath is pink.. but after 5 mins standing, the area exposed to air will turn grey. 

After chilling, the weird smell seems to have gone away.
I tried and it was a bit too rich for me.  A tiny bit goes a long way.  
Perhaps should mix in whipped cream to lighten it? Or add something?

Since nobody else wanted to try it, I decided not to make the port caramel.

I think this faux gras is good as a sandwich spread but not as a filling.  As sandwich spread you can spread thinly. But as a filling, you need quite substantial amount of it.  Or maybe it's just me..  

I think I need to try with the Foie Gras instead..:D  

Monday, July 4, 2016

TBB: Blueberry Crumb Party Coffee Cake (p 19)

This is a perfect party coffee cake, except I would have loved more blueberries in it. Next time I would add blueberries to the cake batter too.

My daughter waiting to eat the cake while I take a quick pic! LOL! 

Actually you can see I added double blueberries than what the recipe called for.. :p  

But it is not enough. I need more blueberries in the cake too! 
Next Time! 

Monday, May 30, 2016

TBB: Pecan Praline Scheherazades (p 404)

I haven't been baking much lately... as I mentioned before everyone in my family is on less-sugar diet. So instead of baking almost everyday after work, I work out instead since I have no more excuses to say to my husband that I do not have enough time to exercise.   But that doesn't mean I am not eating sugar.. I'm pretty much a sugar addict, so it seems now I am eating more chocolates, candies in place. 

When I saw this candy recipe, I knew I had to make some to satisfy my sugar!

This is a rather simple recipe. I had some toasted walnuts so I used walnuts instead of pecans.

Making the Caramel... 

The caramel stuck to the grease foil. 
I think next time I'll just use parchment paper which works better.

Roll into rounds.. and left it to cool... and I went out shopping

After 1-1/2 hours later, I got home and found my caramel flattened to disk and partially melted... 

I had to re-roll into rounds and wrap with parchment paper and put in the fridge. 

I love caramel but what I don't like is they get stuck to my teeth! 
One of my tooth filling came off !  So I have to avoid eating them until I get my filling done at the dentist.  Sheezz..! 

Monday, May 2, 2016

TBB: Crumpets (p. 433)

Weather has been very very hot lately.. it's getting hotter year by year. So I didn't feel like making these either.. I don't feel like standing by the stove actually...but I didn't have a electric no choice.  

Here is the bubbly batter next to the pineapple and pomelo.

I took whatever ring I had.. I think it was too high..but I really can't be bothered to go searching for the other rings.. too hot and humid to want to do that..

Almost ready...  this is the last crumpet that looks decent enough..the rest I either burnt them or flipped them too soon and they lost all the bubbles.. 

You can see from the top, the first batch no bubbles...cos not enough heat. I find that the fire cannot be too low.
Then the 2nd row..the fire too big..and burnt the crumpets..
and the last row..just right.. but I ran out of batter.....

After that I was the only one who tried it plain as I was rushing out of the house almost immediately after making them... Nobody wants to eat them.. I think they are still in the fridge after 3 days...untouched..    Flavor wise is quite nice actually...chewy..  

Monday, April 11, 2016

TBB: ChocolaTea Cake

I made this in Jan 2015! I searched for the photos in my computer and found they were dated Jan 2015. Wow..that was 1 year ago! 

All I could remember was this cake was sooo awesome & sensational! The flavor combination was superb and I wanted to eat the whole cake by myself if I could help it...but of course I shared it at our church gathering. :)  Everyone said it was such a great cake. I remembered it had some liquor in it.. .. 

I managed to cut a slice and taste it first before I brought it to our meeting. :D  

Here are the step by step photos I took:-

Monday, March 28, 2016

TBB: The Chocolate FloRo Elegance (p52)

My son was in bad mood because I couldn't find his toy. And when we found it in my handbag, he got more upset and cried for quite a long time, standing next to me making sure I see every drop of his tears. He refused to let my husband wipe off his tears.   I tried to distract him by asking him to bake with me...  His motor skills is not very good so I had to guide him along closely. 

You can see my son wanted to pour the whole cup of flour immediately. I had to stop him and teach him 'slowly'.. 

I asked him to pour the coffee mixture slowly, but he poured all in one go. lol!  

I made caramel after he calmed down. I didn't want him near the fire or hot caramel.

I ran out of time, and feeling vex, I decided to make caramel whipped cream.
Kept the cadbury white chocolate back into the cupboard...

I layered cake into 4 slices. Cos I baked in 8" pan instead of 9".

Finally done and place in fridge for 5 mins as insurance to set the whipped cream before my husband carry it off for gathering.

My husband waiting impatiently while I take a quick snap.

After he left for the gathering, I ate my dinner. 

Feedback:  Everyone said it was very good and delicious cake.  
I only ate the cake scrap.. very yummy. And the caramel whipped cream is very good, except maybe i over-whipped a little. 


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